CCTV and Access Control

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Security is of utmost importance to any business who values their assets. Being in the know in terms of what goes on within your business is essential – CCTV technology provides a non-invasive way of monitoring the internal and external processes of your business. Access control systems allow the tracking of staff movements, which is invaluable not only from a security front, but also in terms of payroll accuracy. Video analytics software coupled with high quality surveillance hardware ensures the security of your assets and staff members. DocQtech Solutions is a premier supplier of state-of-the-art CCTV systems and access control technology, because we know the importance of streamlined staff monitoring and comprehensive security.

IP CCTV Solutions

Closed Circuit Television has advanced into a gateway where owners, managers and select staff can manage productivity and effectively make significant decisions with real time information. As a systems integrator, we deploy IP camera solutions for any size site and assist with system designs.

Video Analytics

Developed to manipulate and interrogate data efficiently, Video Analytics accurately disseminates CCTV footage to provide information to control rooms, staff and management, on matters of importance. This would include line crossing on perimeters, people counting in stores, objects left in central areas, and accidental slipping or falling for OSH-compliance.

Access Control

Monitoring staff and visitors entering and leaving your office is an important component in any security blueprint. With mechanised access control – you can take charge – the control is in your hands. With a range of biometric, card and pin solutions, we will tailor make your site to your exact specifications.

Time and Attendance

Calculating employee effectiveness and output is an important measure in a constrained economic climate. Time and Attendance provides the means to accurately determine the productivity of your workforce and in so doing, help you increase your bottom-line using measured tangible data as a performance indicator.

Network Installations & Cyber Security

No organization nor educational institution is immune to data breaches. A comprehensive approach to cyber security is required; advanced threats require advanced protection. The Fortinet Solutions guard against every possible wireless protocol and RF attack, malware and viruses, and controls application usage from a single platform.

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